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Here is my online adaptation of an old puzzle game : Gunpey.



You must connect the left and right sides by moving segments to create a continuous line.
When a line is connected, it becomes yellow and disappears after 2 seconds.


Drag and drop a segment on the same column.



Segments come from the bottom at regular intervals.
Be fast to create lines and so remove segments before they reach the top !

You can fail one time for each column, the second time you lose...
You score points for each deleted segment. The longer the line, the more you score points per segment, this is combo !


Take your time and clear each stage in only one shot !

SCORE : {{score}}

Best score : {{bestScore}}

Best combo : {{combo}}

STAGE {{level}}

Well done !

No more stage for the moment :(
If you enjoyed and want more information or if you want to suggest your ideas or puzzle you're welcome ! Write me at [email protected]
Vous pouvez écrire en français ;)


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